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Neon Audio

Your recordings, sounding their absolute best
No matter if you’re local or on the other side of the world, here’s what I include for every mix, all for a competitive flat rate:

  • My Trained Ears, With Over 10 Years of Music Production Experience
  • Top of the Line Monitoring in an Acoustically Treated Studio... Crucial for Accurate Playback to Guide Decisions
  • World Class Audio Processing and Effects
  • Additional Editing: Vocal or Instrument Tuning, Click/Pop Removal, Drum Replacement, Song Restructuring, etc
  • 5 Mix Revisions After the Initial Mix
  • Streaming mixes for remote clients to enable live input and collaboration
  • My Painstaking Attention to Detail
  • Professional, Timely, and Friendly Service

An engineer is only as good as his ears, experience, and ability to communicate with his client. Whether you have a general idea of what you want to achieve or a very specific one, I will gather your input and work closely with you. And unlike other online mixing studios (where your project is given to an anonymous "audio engineer") you know who you are working with. You can read about my background and experience.

To get more specifics about the mixing process, please see my
FAQ page or send me an email.