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Do No Harm, Improve Without Artifact

The goal of any master is to enhance the best of the mix, resolve any sonic issues, and optimize the mix for all release formats. All of this must be done without creating any detriment to the sound, which requires experience and the right equipment. As I've built my studio over the years, i've assembled only the finest analog gear, monitors, conversion, and room treatment, to the point that I often purchase "mastering grade" equipment. As such, my studio is deftly enabled to handle mastering work, and clients have sought me out for this reason. Through years of mastering projects, I've learned how to employ my studio and add that extra polish and shine in mastering without any unwanted side effects,

I also adhere to the Mastered for iTunes guidelines, which are a set of standards for digital music laid out by Apple to maintain the highest quality in digital releases. All of my digital masters meet the Mastered for iTunes criteria.

For projects that I have mixed, I encourage using a separate mastering engineer in order to maintain the fresh perspective that is critical for mastering. When discussing your mix project, I can arrange for one of my mastering engineer colleagues to master your project at a great rate.