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samples of past projects

These samples are just meant to provide an easy way to hear what I've done for other clients... every song calls for something different. I never want to make one artist sound like another, but rather emphasize what makes each artist unique.

DREAM POP Beauty World - Joypop Turbo
ROCK Magnolia Collective - Coldest Winter
POP ROCK Old Jack - Pidgeoner
JAZZ Tuscan Jazz Ensemble - Dunya
COUNTRY Travis Shallow - Come On In
LIVE RECORDING Jack the Radio - Truck Stop Man (live)
ELECTRONIC Swankafella - Memo
FOLK Lowland Hum - Morning Meal
ROCK The Bourbons - She Does
HIP HOP Pierece Freelon - Still DRE (Chronic the Hedgehog remix)
LIVE RECORDING Gabe Kelley - Make It Easy On Me (live)
HEAVY ROCK Peal of Thunder - Gates of Hell
HIP HOP Alexander Dreamer - Young