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Neon Audio

Selected list of clients

R = recorded, M = mixed, Ma = mastered

Alexander Dreamer - Ma
Associates In Armistice - M
B. Torrez - Remix
The Bourbons - R, M
Circuit Dreams - M
Dieter Needs - M
The Dirigibles
- M
Explorence (mobile game designer) - Sound Design, Theme Songs
Gabriel Kelley - R, M
Gallows The Moore
- M
George Tisdale Band - R, M, Ma
Happy Salvo
- M
IzoEasy - M
Lowland Hum - M
Magnolia Collective - M
Nicolay and the Hot at Nights - Assist R
The Old Bones - M
Pierre Garreaud and Robert Austin - R, M, Ma
Pinkerton Raid - M
Places on Maps - R, M
Real Blood - R, M
Seven Steps - R, M
Swankafella - M
Tim Kiernan (videographer) - editing and audio post
Tiny Golden - M
Todd Warner - R, M
UNC Beat Making Lab - M
Vigilance Committee - M
Wake Wanting - M
Yung Jenx - M