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neon audio is owned and operated by greg abate
SoundPure Studios - Durham, NC
Anchorhold Recording - Oakland, CA
Ecliptic Audio - Oakland, CA

I have worked at all levels of music production, from the simplest home rig to high-end professional studios. I started with home recordings in one of my early bands, which sparked an ongoing fascination with audio production. Several bands and several years eventually led me to Anchorhold Recording, where I met Adam Gonsalves, now of Telegraph Mastering. I worked as a tracking and mixing engineer at Anchorhold for 6 years, followed by a brief stint with MP Productions doing mixing and, occasionally, live sound. Recently, I have worked at SoundPure Studios, assisting Jason Richmond on several projects as well as leading my own. I still guest engineer at SoundPure when it best suits a client's needs.
Being an Audio Engineer requires a high level of technical expertise, and these days, computer mastery is a must. I am an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (hardware and software repair) and an Apple Certified Professional in Logic Pro 9 (my DAW of choice), in addition to certifications in other pro-level Apple software. This means my clients can trust that I work efficiently, and that I know how to work through issues if they arise.

But I also have technical experience in the analog realm. Through years of electric guitar playing, I became a competent amp tech, maintaining and repairing my own amps and those of friends. This type of electrical circuit work also translates to analog audio equipment, and I would often tinker with and repair audio gear at Anchorhold. Such experience has deepened my understanding of how audio processing works, even in the digital world.
I have been playing music since age 9, when I started formal saxophone lessons. Not long after I began teaching myself guitar, and over the years have picked up and learned many instruments. I have had stints with several bands singing and playing guitar, drums, piano, bass guitar, synthesizers, and trumpet. Being a multi-instrumentalist, I am fascinated with timbre and am always seeking new sounds. My decades of experience playing and making music have been an invaluable asset to me as an engineer. I know how to talk to musicians, and I am always evaluating decisions I make from a musical perspective.

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and since then have lived in DC, Rome, Santa Cruz, Brooklyn, Oakland, and now currently find myself in Durham, NC, together with my wife and daughter. I am loving the music scene here and get out to shows as often as I can.