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neon audio is owned and operated by greg abate
I have over a decade of experience in audio engineering, and in that time have worked in the complete range of setups, from world class studios designed by famous acousticians to bedrooms with only a laptop and a microphone. This range of experience is ideally suited to the modern realities of music production, where great work can be done anywhere, provided one understands the limitations of the environment. For my studio, I have built a world class room where I can mix and master with no compromises. For recording, I remain flexible and open to any approach that suits my client and the project. My mindset has become: How can I help?

I started with home recordings in one of my early bands, which sparked my fascination with audio production. While living and playing music in Oakland, CA, I began working out of Anchorhold Recording alongside
Adam Gonsalves, now owner and engineer at Telegraph Mastering and Cascade Record Pressing. I worked as a recording and mix engineer at Anchorhold and also had a brief stint with Ecliptic Audio doing live sound. Upon moving to Durham, NC, I assisted Jason Richmond at SoundPure Studios, and this was my first exposure to a world class tracking room capable of pristine jazz and classical recording. I've since had the pleasure of working at other inspiring facilities such as Fidelitorium Recordings, Legitimate Business, and White Star Sound.

Over the years, I have attained the most expertise in the "post production" phase: mixing and mastering. I have slowly built a collection of
gear in a great room that allows me to work to my high standards, providing a world class experience to my clients that is still affordable and accessible.
Being a modern audio engineer requires computer mastery. I am an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (for hardware and software repair) and an Apple Certified Professional in Logic Pro (my DAW of choice), in addition to certifications in other pro-level Apple software. This means my clients can trust that I work efficiently, and that I know how to work through difficult computer issues when they arise. I also have an in-depth understanding of digital audio processing and what it does to sound.

But I also have technical experience in the analog realm. Through years of electric guitar playing, I became a competent amp tech, maintaining and repairing my own amps and those of friends. Eventually I came to work on analog outboard gear, often tinkering and repairing equipment at Anchorhold. Such experience has deepened my understanding of how audio processing works, even in the digital realm.
I have been playing music since age 9, when I started formal saxophone lessons. Not long after I began teaching myself guitar, and over the years have picked up and learned many instruments. I have had stints with several bands singing and playing guitar, drums, piano, bass guitar, and synthesizers. A multi-instrument approach lead to a fascination with timbre, which largely explains my fascination with recording and mixing. My decades of experience playing and making music have been an invaluable asset to me as an engineer. Everyday I bring the library of sounds I've heard in my life to help me manipulate audio.

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and since then have been fortunate to live in many places, including DC, Rome, Santa Cruz, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Oakland, Durham, NC and now currently find myself in Lawrence, MA. When I'm not working to make things sound awesome, I try to raise a couple awesome humans and have an awesome marriage.